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IFSC Codes of HDFC Bank branches in Bangalore

BranchBankIFSC Code
100 Feet Road-indira NagarHDFC BankHDFC0001755
Agara Junction BranchHDFC BankHDFC0004220
Agara LakeHDFC BankHDFC0000833
AmruthahalliHDFC BankHDFC0004839
ArakereHDFC BankHDFC0004053
B NarayanapuraHDFC BankHDFC0004210
Banashankari Ring RoadHDFC BankHDFC0004274
BanaswadiHDFC BankHDFC0001759
Bangalore - Airport RoadHDFC BankHDFC0000075
Bangalore - BanashankariHDFC BankHDFC0000157
Bangalore - Bannerghatta RoadHDFC BankHDFC0000514
Bangalore - Bwssb Extn CounterHDFC BankHDFC0000509
Bangalore - Fraser TownHDFC BankHDFC0000714
Bangalore - Gandhi BazaarHDFC BankHDFC0000446
Bangalore - Indira NagarHDFC BankHDFC0000184
Bangalore - It ParkHDFC BankHDFC0000077
Bangalore - J P NagarHDFC BankHDFC0000133
Bangalore - JayanagarHDFC BankHDFC0000261
Bangalore - Kalyan NagarHDFC BankHDFC0000353
Bangalore - Kasturba Gandhi MargHDFC BankHDFC0000009
Bangalore - KoramangalamHDFC BankHDFC0000053
Bangalore - M G RoadHDFC BankHDFC0000076
Bangalore - MalleshwaramHDFC BankHDFC0000041
Bangalore - New Bel Road - KarnatakaHDFC BankHDFC0000628
Bangalore - Sarjapur RoadHDFC BankHDFC0000354
Bangalore - SeshadripuramHDFC BankHDFC0000367
Bangalore - ThippasandraHDFC BankHDFC0000832
Bangalore - UlsoorHDFC BankHDFC0000286
Bangalore - VijayanagarHDFC BankHDFC0000312
Bangalore - YelahankaHDFC BankHDFC0000371
Banglore-electronic City-karnatakaHDFC BankHDFC0000549
BasaveshwaranagarHDFC BankHDFC0000361
Bda Complex, BangaloreHDFC BankHDFC0002858
BhatramarenahalliHDFC BankHDFC0003508
BijjawaraHDFC BankHDFC0003546
BilekahalliHDFC BankHDFC0001752
Brooke FieldsHDFC BankHDFC0002870
Btm LayoutHDFC BankHDFC0000885
Btm Layout IiHDFC BankHDFC0003940
C V Raman NagarHDFC BankHDFC0004716
Chamarajpet, BangaloreHDFC BankHDFC0002709
Chandra LayoutHDFC BankHDFC0001757
ChickpetHDFC BankHDFC0009089
Church StreetHDFC BankHDFC0001751
Cox DownHDFC BankHDFC0003790
Domlur LayoutHDFC BankHDFC0003882
Domlur, BangaloreHDFC BankHDFC0002729
Ecity Phase IiHDFC BankHDFC0004680
Electronic City Phase 1 BranchHDFC BankHDFC0003781
Empire Infantry RoadHDFC BankHDFC0001268
EpipHDFC BankHDFC0003962
Gandhi Nagar BangaloreHDFC BankHDFC0004697
GanganagarHDFC BankHDFC0003718
Giri NagarHDFC BankHDFC0001750
Hbr Layout BangaloreHDFC BankHDFC0004385
Hegde NagarHDFC BankHDFC0004248
Hennur - BangaloreHDFC BankHDFC0002815
Hessaraghatta Main RoadHDFC BankHDFC0004192
HoramavuHDFC BankHDFC0003678
HoskerehalliHDFC BankHDFC0004132
Hrbr Layout BangaloreHDFC BankHDFC0004367
Hsr Lay Out2HDFC BankHDFC0003758
Hsr LayoutHDFC BankHDFC0001993
Hsr Layout Iii BangaloreHDFC BankHDFC0004094
HunsamaranahalliHDFC BankHDFC0001746
Indiranagar Double RoadHDFC BankHDFC0004101
Indiranagar Krishna Temple RoadHDFC BankHDFC0004051
Irr, Koramangala, BangaloreHDFC BankHDFC0001758
J P Nagar Ii Nd PhaseHDFC BankHDFC0004140
J P Nagar V PhaseHDFC BankHDFC0003824
Janatha Seva Co Operative Bank LtdHDFC BankHDFC0CJSCBL
Jayanagar 4th BlockHDFC BankHDFC0003635
Jayanagar V Th BlockHDFC BankHDFC0004183
Jayanagar-rvs ParadiseHDFC BankHDFC0001226
Jaynagar 3, BangaloreHDFC BankHDFC0002850
Jeevan Bima Nagar BangaloreHDFC BankHDFC0004461
K H RoadHDFC BankHDFC0001206
K R RoadHDFC BankHDFC0000875
KadugodiHDFC BankHDFC0003637
Kaggadaspura BangaloreHDFC BankHDFC0003757
KammanahalliHDFC BankHDFC0003719
Kanakpura RoadHDFC BankHDFC0001753
Karthik NagarHDFC BankHDFC0001300
KasavanahalliHDFC BankHDFC0003782
Kasturi NagarHDFC BankHDFC0002859
KempapuraHDFC BankHDFC0004052
Kengeri Satellite TownHDFC BankHDFC0002011
KommaghattaHDFC BankHDFC0003510
Koramangala - BangaloreHDFC BankHDFC0002777
Koramangala 4th B BlockHDFC BankHDFC0003780
Koramangala 6th BlockHDFC BankHDFC0003825
Koramangala I St Block BangaloreHDFC BankHDFC0004460
Koteshwara Sahakari Bank NiyamithaHDFC BankHDFC0CKSBNB
Lourdes Boys High SchoolHDFC BankHDFC0001298
MadiwalaHDFC BankHDFC0004310
Magadi RoadHDFC BankHDFC0004251
MahalaxmipuramHDFC BankHDFC0001754
Malleshwaram WtcHDFC BankHDFC0002710
Malleswaram, BangaloreHDFC BankHDFC0002778
Manyata Tech ParkHDFC BankHDFC0004075
MarathahalliHDFC BankHDFC0001756
Marathalli,bangloreHDFC BankHDFC0002565
Marthahalli JunctionHDFC BankHDFC0003636
MathekereHDFC BankHDFC0001047
Mayur ComplexHDFC BankHDFC0001232
Meena PlazaHDFC BankHDFC0001472
Millers RoadHDFC BankHDFC0001208
NagarbhaviHDFC BankHDFC0004178
Nagarbhavi IiHDFC BankHDFC0004876
Nagavara JunctionHDFC BankHDFC0009097
Nandidurga Road, BangaloreHDFC BankHDFC0002855
Old Madras RoadHDFC BankHDFC0002047
PadmanabanagarHDFC BankHDFC0000877
Palace Lower OrchardsHDFC BankHDFC0004823
Prashanthnagar BangaloreHDFC BankHDFC0004895
Prestiage Shanthi NiketanHDFC BankHDFC0003804
PuttenahalliHDFC BankHDFC0002394
R T NagarHDFC BankHDFC0000140
Racecourse Road, BangaloreHDFC BankHDFC0002829
Rajaji NagarHDFC BankHDFC0001373
Rajajinagar Dr Rajkumar Road BangaloreHDFC BankHDFC0004000
Rajarajeshwari NagarHDFC BankHDFC0001039
Ramamurthy Nagar - BangloreHDFC BankHDFC0002779
Richmond Road - BangaloreHDFC BankHDFC0000523
Rmv ExtensionHDFC BankHDFC0004269
SadashivanagarHDFC BankHDFC0001079
SahakarnagarHDFC BankHDFC0001036
Sarjapur IiHDFC BankHDFC0003980
SingasandraHDFC BankHDFC0004118
Sri Rama Cooperative Bank LimitedHDFC BankHDFC0CSRCBL
Sri Sudha Co-operative Bank LimitedHDFC BankHDFC0CSUDHA
Suvarna Cooperative Bank LtdHDFC BankHDFC0CSCBHO
Tc PalyaHDFC BankHDFC0004193
The Ags Employees' Co-op Bank LtdHDFC BankHDFC0CAGSBK
The Hanumanthanagar Coop Bank LtdHDFC BankHDFC0CHCBHN
The Janatha Co-operative Bank LtdHDFC BankHDFC0CJCBKL
The Malleswaram Co-op Bank LtdHDFC BankHDFC0CMCOBL
The Rajajinagar Co-op Bank LtdHDFC BankHDFC0CRCBLB
Tubrahalli Varthur RoadHDFC BankHDFC0004032
Ulsoor2HDFC BankHDFC0003689
UttarahalliHDFC BankHDFC0004033
V V PuramHDFC BankHDFC0001749
VasanthnagarHDFC BankHDFC0003881
Veerashaiva Sahakari Bank LtdHDFC BankHDFC0CVSBHO
VidyaranyapuraHDFC BankHDFC0001569
Vijaya Bank LayoutHDFC BankHDFC0002841
White FieldHDFC BankHDFC0002377
Whitefield Main RoadHDFC BankHDFC0004182
Willson GardenHDFC BankHDFC0001748
Xiiiith Main Indira NagarHDFC BankHDFC0004260
YeshwanthpuraHDFC BankHDFC0004261


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