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IFSC Codes of ICICI Bank branches in Mumbai

BranchBankIFSC Code
Aarey Road, Goregaon (e), MumbaiICICI BankICIC0001206
Airoli Sector ? 19ICICI BankICIC0001882
AndheriICICI BankICIC0006427
Andheri ? J.b.nagarICICI BankICIC0001086
B2 - Branchfree Banking,ICICI BankICIC0009001
BandraICICI BankICIC0006414
Bandra (e)ICICI BankICIC0001077
Bandra (e) Mig ColonyICICI BankICIC0001231
Bharat Diamond Bosure BranchICICI BankICIC0001217
Bhat Bazaar, MumbaiICICI BankICIC0001223
Borivali Lt RoadICICI BankICIC0001222
Central Processing Center Branch (gtsu)ICICI BankICIC0000126
ChemburICICI BankICIC0006423
Chembur Naka, MumbaiICICI BankICIC0001208
ChunabhattiICICI BankICIC0003450
City Park, PowaiICICI BankICIC0001956
CmsICICI BankICIC0000104
DadarICICI BankICIC0006412
Dadar N. C. Kelkar MargICICI BankICIC0001957
Dahisar (west)ICICI BankICIC0001235
Dattatraya Maharaj Kalambe Jaoli Sahakari Bank LtdICICI BankICIC00DMKJA
Deonar, MumbaiICICI BankICIC0001098
Ghatkopar WestICICI BankICIC0000420
GirgaumICICI BankICIC0006411
Godrej It Park, Vikhroli (w), MumbaiICICI BankICIC0001196
Gorai - Mumbai, MaharashtraICICI BankICIC0001218
Goregaon MumbaiICICI BankICIC0006434
Hcc VikhroliICICI BankICIC0001212
Hiranandani Estate, PatlipadaICICI BankICIC0001968
Hughes RoadICICI BankICIC0000416
I C Colony, Borivali - Mumbai, MaharashtraICICI BankICIC0001215
Icici Bank Ltd- FinagriICICI BankICIC0000538
Iit PowaiICICI BankICIC0001964
Jogeshwari (e)ICICI BankICIC0001236
Jogeshwari (w)-mumbai, MaharashtraICICI BankICIC0001194
JuhuICICI BankICIC0006436
Juhu Tara RoadICICI BankICIC0001234
KalabadeviICICI BankICIC0006426
Kandivali - Thakur Complex, Mumbai.ICICI BankICIC0001074
Kandivali - WestICICI BankICIC0000539
Kandivali Link RoadICICI BankICIC0001960
KanjurmargICICI BankICIC0003447
Kemps CornerICICI BankICIC0001224
Khetwadi, MumbaiICICI BankICIC0001233
Kutch Cooperative Bank LtdICICI BankICIC00KUTCB
L&t Branch, MaharashtraICICI BankICIC0001247
Link Road Malad, MaharashtraICICI BankICIC0001221
Mahavir Nagar, Kandivali (w), MumbaiICICI BankICIC0001209
MahimICICI BankICIC0006429
Majiwade - Thane, MaharashtraICICI BankICIC0001492
Malad EastICICI BankICIC0006419
Malad Link RoadICICI BankICIC0001959
MalegaonICICI BankICIC0006976
Marine DriveICICI BankICIC0000417
MarolICICI BankICIC0006438
Midc, AndheriICICI BankICIC0000544
Mira Bhayander Road BranchICICI BankICIC0001728
Mira Road-sector11ICICI BankICIC0002497
Mulund (w), MumbaiICICI BankICIC0001246
MumbaiICICI BankICIC0000418
Mumbai - Agar Bazar, MaharashtraICICI BankICIC0001229
Mumbai - AndheriICICI BankICIC0000011
Mumbai - Andheri - IiICICI BankICIC0000377
Mumbai - Andheri Four BunglowsICICI BankICIC0001012
Mumbai - Andheri Link RoadICICI BankICIC0001028
Mumbai - Andheri W.e. Highway, MaharashtraICICI BankICIC0001238
Mumbai - BandraICICI BankICIC0000038
Mumbai - Bandra Kurla ComplexICICI BankICIC0000555
Mumbai - Bangur NagarICICI BankICIC0001019
Mumbai - Bhandup(w)ICICI BankICIC0000984
Mumbai - BorivaliICICI BankICIC0000018
Mumbai - Borivali S V RoadICICI BankICIC0001016
Mumbai - Borivali Saibaba Nagar, MaharashtraICICI BankICIC0001232
Mumbai - Carnac Bundar, MaharashtraICICI BankICIC0001227
Mumbai - ChandivaliICICI BankICIC0001022
Mumbai - ChemburICICI BankICIC0006239
Mumbai - Chembur - IiICICI BankICIC0000383
Mumbai - Chembur Rcf Marg, MaharashtraICICI BankICIC0001213
Mumbai - ColabaICICI BankICIC0001043
Mumbai - Crawford MarketICICI BankICIC0001961
Mumbai - DadarICICI BankICIC0000032
Mumbai - Dahisar East, MaharashtraICICI BankICIC0001241
Mumbai - FortICICI BankICIC0006235
Mumbai - GhatkoparICICI BankICIC0000026
Mumbai - Goregaon EastICICI BankICIC0000281
Mumbai - I-serv - Extn.ICICI BankICIC0000036
Mumbai - JuhuICICI BankICIC0000366
Mumbai - Kandivali CharkopICICI BankICIC0000585
Mumbai - Kandivali EastICICI BankICIC0000267
Mumbai - Kandivli East LokhandwalaICICI BankICIC0001032
Mumbai - Khar Linking Road, MaharashtraICICI BankICIC0001240
Mumbai - Khar WestICICI BankICIC0001026
Mumbai - Lbs Marg Kurla, MaharashtraICICI BankICIC0001202
Mumbai - LokhandwalaICICI BankICIC0000263
Mumbai - Lower ParelICICI BankICIC0000323
Mumbai - MahalaxmiICICI BankICIC0000546
Mumbai - MahimICICI BankICIC0000320
Mumbai - MaladICICI BankICIC0000158
Mumbai - Malad East Poddar SchoolICICI BankICIC0001237
Mumbai - Marine LinesICICI BankICIC0000324
Mumbai - MarolICICI BankICIC0001044
Mumbai - MatungaICICI BankICIC0006237
Mumbai - MazgaonICICI BankICIC0001071
Mumbai - Mehboob StudioICICI BankICIC0001027
Mumbai - Mohammed Ali Road, MaharashtraICICI BankICIC0001219
Mumbai - MulundICICI BankICIC0006238
Mumbai - Mulund Lbs Marg, MaharashtraICICI BankICIC0001195
Mumbai - Mulund(e)ICICI BankICIC0000988
Mumbai - Nana Chowk, MaharashtraICICI BankICIC0001216
Mumbai - Napeansea RoadICICI BankICIC0000406
Mumbai - Nariman BhavanICICI BankICIC0000376
Mumbai - Nariman PointICICI BankICIC0000004
Mumbai - Navy Nagar, MaharashtraICICI BankICIC0001198
Mumbai - Pochkkhanwala Rd Worli, MaharashtraICICI BankICIC0001245
Mumbai - PowaiICICI BankICIC0000020
Mumbai - PrabhadeviICICI BankICIC0000057
Mumbai - Samachar MargICICI BankICIC0000415
Mumbai - SantacruzICICI BankICIC0000209
Mumbai - Sion(e)ICICI BankICIC0000740
Mumbai - Thane Belapur RoadICICI BankICIC0000541
Mumbai - VashiICICI BankICIC0000151
Mumbai - Veer Savarkar Road, MaharashtraICICI BankICIC0001239
Mumbai - Vikhroli WestICICI BankICIC0001045
Mumbai - Vile ParleICICI BankICIC0000211
Mumbai - Zavera Road Mulund, MaharashtraICICI BankICIC0001210
Mumbai - Zaveri BazaarICICI BankICIC0000261
Mumbai ? Cbd BelapurICICI BankICIC0000873
Mumbai ? Curry Road, MaharashtraICICI BankICIC0001243
Mumbai Andheri Veera Desai Road, MaharashtraICICI BankICIC0001225
Mumbai BandraICICI BankICIC0006978
Mumbai ChurghgateICICI BankICIC0000393
Mumbai FortICICI BankICIC0006980
Mumbai Ghatkoper(e)ICICI BankICIC0006981
Mumbai Jb Nagar Hul Campus, MaharashtraICICI BankICIC0001250
Mumbai Kalbadevi RoadICICI BankICIC0006982
Mumbai MaladICICI BankICIC0006986
Mumbai Malad IiICICI BankICIC0000388
Mumbai Nehru Nagar Kurla, MaharashtraICICI BankICIC0001226
Mumbai OverseasICICI BankICIC0006987
Mumbai Rajawadi Ghatkopar (e)ICICI BankICIC0001220
Mumbai Shimpoli, MaharashtraICICI BankICIC0001228
Mumbai VersovaICICI BankICIC0006991
Mumbai,andheriICICI BankICIC0006977
Mumbai,chandiviliICICI BankICIC0006979
Mumbai,kandivaliICICI BankICIC0006984
Mumbai,lower ParelICICI BankICIC0006985
Naigaon, MaharashtraICICI BankICIC0001444
Old PanvelICICI BankICIC0001692
Opera House - MumbaiICICI BankICIC0000348
Pant Nagar, Ghatkopar(e), MumbaiICICI BankICIC0001207
Parel ? MumbaiICICI BankICIC0001230
Pedder RoadICICI BankICIC0000537
Perin Nariman StreetICICI BankICIC0002196
Poonam Nagar BranchICICI BankICIC0001204
Pune - ChinchwadICICI BankICIC0000321
Rpc MumbaiICICI BankICIC0000103
Samata Sahakari Bank LtdICICI BankICIC00SAMSB
Sanpada ? MumbaiICICI BankICIC0000956
Santacruz , S V Road, MumbaiICICI BankICIC0001248
Sarvodaya Nagar, MulundICICI BankICIC0001963
Sector 20, NerulICICI BankICIC0001884
SewriICICI BankICIC0001201
Sher-e-punjabICICI BankICIC0001205
Sherly Road-bandra, MumbaiICICI BankICIC0001211
Shri Arihant Coop Bank LtdICICI BankICIC00ARIHT
Tardeo - MumbaiICICI BankICIC0000356
Thane - Teen Hath NakaICICI BankICIC0001000
Thane - UlhasnagarICICI BankICIC0001066
The Chembur Nagarik Sahakari Bank LtdICICI BankICIC00CNSBL
The Kurla Nagarik Sahakari Bank LtdICICI BankICIC00KURLA
Tilak Nagar, MumbaiICICI BankICIC0001214
Treasury & Investment,mumICICI BankICIC0006989
Vakola, SantacruzICICI BankICIC0001200
Vasant Garden, Mulund WICICI BankICIC0001199
VashiICICI BankICIC0000419
Vashi ApmcICICI BankICIC0000228
Vashi-sector-14ICICI BankICIC0001883
VersovaICICI BankICIC0000412
Vikas Paradise-mulund, MumbaiICICI BankICIC0001244
Vikhroli (e), MumbaiICICI BankICIC0001249
Vile ParleICICI BankICIC0006415
VirarICICI BankICIC0000951
Wadala EastICICI BankICIC0001955
Wadala, MumbaiICICI BankICIC0000874
Wagle EstateICICI BankICIC0001887
WorliICICI BankICIC0000414
Yari Road, Andheri (w), MumbaiICICI BankICIC0001251
Yogi Nagar, MumbaiICICI BankICIC0001252


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