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IFSC Codes of ICICI Bank branches in Noida

BranchBankIFSC Code
Citizen Co Operative Bank LtdICICI BankICIC00CCOBL
GammaICICI BankICIC0003488
Greater Noida ICICI BankICIC0000254
Greater Noida - Omega 1ICICI BankICIC0002183
NoidaICICI BankICIC0003975
NoidaICICI BankICIC0006966
Noida - Sector 1ICICI BankICIC0001070
Noida - Sector 110ICICI BankICIC0000815
Noida - Sector 126 , Uttar PradeshICICI BankICIC0001579
Noida - Sector 18 ICICI BankICIC0000031
Noida - Sector 27 ICICI BankICIC0006284
Noida - Sector 30, Uttar PradeshICICI BankICIC0001577
Noida - Sector 51ICICI BankICIC0001972
Noida - Sector 61 ICICI BankICIC0000253
Noida - Sector 62 , Uttar PradeshICICI BankICIC0001580
Noida - Sector 63ICICI BankICIC0000816
Noida Gaur CityICICI BankICIC0003452
Noida Sahara IndiaICICI BankICIC0006967
Noida SecICICI BankICIC0002506
Noida Sector - 18 Wealth, Uttar PradeshICICI BankICIC0001253
Noida Sector-12, Uttar PradeshICICI BankICIC0001578
Sector 41ICICI BankICIC0002505
Sector 48ICICI BankICIC0002504
Sector NoidaICICI BankICIC0003451


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