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IFSC Codes of NKGSB Coop Bank branches in Mumbai

BranchBankIFSC Code
AiroliNKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000068
AndheriNKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000064
Andheri WestNKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000094
Bandra(e)NKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000005
Bhandup WestNKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000093
Bhayander(e)NKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000014
Borivali (east)NKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000036
Borivali(w)NKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000023
C.b.d.NKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000010
Charkop(w)NKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000015
ChemburNKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000074
DadarNKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000003
Dahisar East AshokvanNKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000092
Dahisar(w)NKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000007
DeonarNKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000008
DindoshiNKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000011
Dombivali (west)NKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000033
Dombivali(e)NKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000013
FortNKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000091
Ghatkopar EastNKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000084
Ghatkopar(w)NKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000022
Girgaoon Jss RoadNKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000079
Girgaum BranchNKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000002
GoraiNKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000032
GoregaonNKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000045
JogheshwariNKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000006
KamotheNKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000048
Kandivali(e)NKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000025
KarwarNKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000016
KhargharNKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000047
KurlaNKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000065
MahimNKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000004
MaladNKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000075
MarolNKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000018
Mulund(e)NKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000009
Mulund(w)NKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000024
NahurNKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000112
Nallasopara(w)NKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000012
NerulNKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000046
ParelNKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000029
Rtgs-hoNKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000001
ThaneNKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000020
VakolaNKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000034
VashiNKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000037
Vileparle(e)NKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000019
WadalaNKGSB Coop BankNKGS0000035


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