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Ifsc code of ICICI Bank branches in Gautam Buddha Nagar district, Uttar Pradesh

We found 31 ICICI Bank bank branches in Gautam Buddha Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh. Select a different district, if you can't find the ifsc code of your target branch from the following:-

  1. Advant It Park Noida (Ifsc code: ICIC0004145)
    ICICI Bank, Icici Bank Ltd Advant It Park Sector - 142 Noida Gautam Buddh Nagar Up 201301
  2. Cherry County (Ifsc code: ICIC0004146)
    ICICI Bank, Icici Bank Ltd Shop No 9a And 9b Cherry County Tech Zone 4 Greater Noida West Noida
  3. Citizen Co Operative Bank Ltd (Ifsc code: ICIC00CCOBL)
    ICICI Bank, Noida H.o.c25 Sector 62 Noida 201309
  4. Dadri (Ifsc code: ICIC0001917)
    ICICI Bank, Icici Bank Ltd., 575, Ward No.23, G.t. Road, Dadri - 203207, Gautam Buddha Nagar Dist., Uttar Pradesh
  5. Gamma (Ifsc code: ICIC0003488)
    ICICI Bank, S4, Gamma Shopping Complex, Gamma1, Gautambudh Nagar, Greater Noida, Up 201306
  6. Greater Noida (Ifsc code: ICIC0000254)
    ICICI Bank, Krishna Apra Royal Plaza, D-2, E(acb), Alpha -1 201306
  7. Greater Noida - Omega 1 (Ifsc code: ICIC0002183)
    ICICI Bank, Icici Bank Ltd., Shop No.1, Omega 1, P 2, Shopping Complex, Sector - Builder&"s Area, Greater Noida - 201308, District : Gautam Budh Nagar , Uttar Pradesh
  8. Mahiuddin Pur Kanawni (Ifsc code: ICIC0002444)
    ICICI Bank, Exotica Elegance Village Mahiuddin Pur Kanawni Indirapuram Dadri Gautam Buddha Nagar Up
  9. Noida (Ifsc code: ICIC0003975)
    ICICI Bank, Icici Bank Ltd, Shop No 2-3, Plot No Gh01b, Sector 78, Noida, Dist Gautam Budh Nagar.up, 201301
  10. Noida (Ifsc code: ICIC0004115)
    ICICI Bank, Shop No Lgf-8 And 9 Ugf-9 And 10 Plot No-gh01 Sector-121 Noida-201301
  11. Noida (Ifsc code: ICIC0006966)
    ICICI Bank, A-765, Sector 19, Noida 201301
  12. Noida - Sector 1 (Ifsc code: ICIC0001070)
    ICICI Bank, Icici Bank Ltd- Bk-11 &12 - Sector-1- Noida 201301
  13. Noida - Sector 110 (Ifsc code: ICIC0000815)
    ICICI Bank, Icici Bank Ltd., Shop No. A-3 / 13, Sector 110, Noida - 201 301, Gautam Buddha Nagar Dist., Up
  14. Noida - Sector 126 , Uttar Pradesh (Ifsc code: ICIC0001579)
    ICICI Bank, Icici Bank Ltd., India Glycols Building Ltd, Plot No. 2 B , Sec-126 , Noida -201304, Uttar Pradesh
  15. Noida - Sector 18 (Ifsc code: ICIC0000031)
    ICICI Bank, G-31 & 32, Sector 18, Gautam Buddh Nagar District, Noida, Uttar Pradesh. 201301
  16. Noida - Sector 27 (Ifsc code: ICIC0006284)
    ICICI Bank, E-19, Sector 27, Noida - 201 301, Uttar Pradesh. 201301
  17. Noida - Sector 30, Uttar Pradesh (Ifsc code: ICIC0001577)
    ICICI Bank, Icici Bank Ltd., Shop No.18, 19, 21, & 22. Kirtiman Plaza, Sec-30 Noida-201307, Uttar Pradesh
  18. Noida - Sector 51 (Ifsc code: ICIC0001972)
    ICICI Bank, Icici Bank Ltd., Plot No.29 And 30, Block B-1 A, Sector 51, Noida - 201301, Gautam Buddha Nagar Dist., Uttar Pradesh.
  19. Noida - Sector 61 (Ifsc code: ICIC0000253)
    ICICI Bank, Supertech Shopprix, 134b, Sector-61, Noida , U.p. 201307
  20. Noida - Sector 62 , Uttar Pradesh (Ifsc code: ICIC0001580)
    ICICI Bank, Icici Bank Ltd., Sg-7 & Ubs 1, Gf & Basement, Stellar It Park, C-25, Sector - 62, Noida - 201301, Uttar Pradesh
  21. Noida - Sector 63 (Ifsc code: ICIC0000816)
    ICICI Bank, Icici Bank Ltd. H 1/34, Sector 63, Noida. 201 301
  22. Noida Gaur City (Ifsc code: ICIC0003452)
    ICICI Bank, Shop No 31, 54, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61 City Plaza Plot No C2gh 01, Ghaur City, Sec 04 Gnw Noida Extn
  23. Noida Sahara India (Ifsc code: ICIC0006967)
    ICICI Bank, Sahara India Mass Communication Sahara India Colony C-z, Sector -11 Noida 201301
  24. Noida Sec (Ifsc code: ICIC0004183)
    ICICI Bank, Icici Bank Ltd Plot No 6 7 8 Civitech Society
  25. Noida Sec (Ifsc code: ICIC0002506)
    ICICI Bank, Icici Bank Ltd Hall N.o-36 G-block Gaur Grandeur Plot N.o-gh-04 Sector-119 Noida - 201305
  26. Noida Sector - 18 Wealth, Uttar Pradesh (Ifsc code: ICIC0001253)
    ICICI Bank, Icici Bank Ltd., B-12 Sector-18, Noida- 201301, Uttar Pradesh
  27. Noida Sector-12, Uttar Pradesh (Ifsc code: ICIC0001578)
    ICICI Bank, Icici Bank Ltd., Property Bearing No 348, C/3, Block -y, Sec-12, Noida - 201301, Gautam Buddha Nagar Dist., Uttar Pradesh.
  28. Sector 41 (Ifsc code: ICIC0002505)
    ICICI Bank, Icici Bank Ltd Plot No 1 B 127 Sector 41 Noida Uttar Pradesh 201303
  29. Sector 48 (Ifsc code: ICIC0002504)
    ICICI Bank, Icici Bank Ltd., Sector-48, Noida -201301, Uttar Pradesh
  30. Sector Noida (Ifsc code: ICIC0003451)
    ICICI Bank, Icici Bank Ltd 104 Plot No.gh07a Gulshan Vivante Sector 137 Noida U.p.-201301 Dist-gautam Buddha Nagar Uttar Pradesh
  31. Sector Noida (Ifsc code: ICIC0003985)
    ICICI Bank, Plot No 20 21 Amenity Block Sector 135 Noida 201301

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