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Ifsc code of IOB branches in Tirunelvali district, Tamil Nadu

We found 64 IOB bank branches in Tirunelvali district of Tamil Nadu. Select a different district, if you can't find the ifsc code of your target branch from the following:-

  1. Achanpudur (Ifsc code: IOBA0003541)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 436/14, Main Road, Achanpudur, Shencottah Tk, Tirunelveli Dist - 627801
  2. Alagiapandiapuram (Ifsc code: IOBA0003333)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 4 By 36c, Sankarankoil Main Road, Alagiapandiapuram, Tirunelveli, 627201
  3. Alangulam (Ifsc code: IOBA0000290)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 1 Type Iv Quarters, Tamilnad Cements, Alangulam 626127
  4. Alangulam (Ifsc code: IOBA0000759)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 1 Type Iv Quarters Tamilnad Cements, Alangulam Pin 626127
  5. Ambasamudram (Ifsc code: IOBA0001011)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 369 By 2a By A 298a Main Road, Papanasam High Road, Ambasamudram Pin 627401
  6. Aravind Eye Hospital (Ifsc code: IOBA0001765)
    Indian Overseas Bank, Swami Nellaiappar High Road Tirunelveli Junction Tirunelveli Pin 627001
  7. Ayikudi (Ifsc code: IOBA0001378)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 3 1 56, Krishnan Koil Street, Ayikudi, Pin 627852
  8. Cheranmahadevi (Ifsc code: IOBA0001767)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 20 By 2 Railway Feeder Road , Cheranmadevi Pin 627414
  9. Curtallam (Ifsc code: IOBA0000235)
    Indian Overseas Bank, Busstand Shopping Complex Main Road Courtallam Pin 627802
  10. Donavoor (Ifsc code: IOBA0001379)
    Indian Overseas Bank, Church Street, Donavoor, Pin 627102
  11. Eruvadi (Ifsc code: IOBA0001380)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 91 By 16 2a, North Main Road, Eruvadi627103
  12. Ilanji (Ifsc code: IOBA0000259)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 7 Jubille Road, Opp Post Office, Ilanji, Pin 627805
  13. Kadayam (Ifsc code: IOBA0001381)
    Indian Overseas Bank, Shanmugam Building Perumal Sannadhi Street Kadayam Pin 627415
  14. Kadayanallur (Ifsc code: IOBA0000324)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 113 A, Upstairs Main Road, Kadayanallur Pin 627751
  15. Kadayanallur Bazaar St (Ifsc code: IOBA0001382)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 196 Main Bazaar, Kadayanallur Pin 627751
  16. Kalakad (Ifsc code: IOBA0001383)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 21 By 10, Anna Salai, Kalakad Pin 627501
  17. Kallidaikurichi (Ifsc code: IOBA0001384)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 11 Sarmaji Road, Kallidaikurichi, Pin 627416
  18. Karivalamvandanallur (Ifsc code: IOBA0000225)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 9 By 112 B New No 10 By 185 Main Road Karivalam Vandanallur Pin 627753
  19. Kurukkalpatti (Ifsc code: IOBA0000757)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 2 By 96, Sankarankoiltirunelveli Main Road Kurukkalpati Pin 627955
  20. Kuthukalvalasai (Ifsc code: IOBA0002750)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 5by156, Kamaraj Nagar, Kuthukalvalasai, Tenkasi Taluk, Tirunelveli Dist, Pin 627803
  21. Kuttam (Ifsc code: IOBA0000887)
    Indian Overseas Bank, Koil Street Kuttam, Radhapuram Taluk Kuttam Pin 627651
  22. Maharaj Ngr High Rd (Ifsc code: IOBA0001385)
    Indian Overseas Bank, Plot 42, 19th Cross Street, Maharaja Ngr, Tirunelveli
  23. Marandai (Ifsc code: IOBA0003539)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 3/332-2 Courtalam Main Road, Marandai Post, Alangulam Taluk, Tirunelveli Dist - 627851
  24. Meenakshipuram (Ifsc code: IOBA0001397)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 13 Perumal West Car Street, Tirunelveli Junction, Tirunelveli
  25. Melamaruthappapuram (Ifsc code: IOBA0002751)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 1by256 1, Main Road, Melamaruthappapuram, Veerakeralampudur T.k, Tirunelveli 627860
  26. Melapalayam (Ifsc code: IOBA0002372)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 58, Methamarpalayam 2nd Street, Melapalayam, Tirunelveli 627005
  27. Munanjipatti (Ifsc code: IOBA0001386)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 136b R V Road Munanjipatti Pin 627355
  28. Munnirpallam (Ifsc code: IOBA0003542)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 7/27b, Ambai Main Road, Opp To Police Station, Keela Munnirpallam, Palayamkottai Tk, Tirunelveli Dist - 627356
  29. Nainaragaram (Ifsc code: IOBA0002752)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 527by20 Perumal Koil Street, Nainaragaram, Tirunelveli 627804
  30. Nanguneri (Ifsc code: IOBA0001387)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 70 Main Road, Nanguneri 627108
  31. Naranammalpuram (Ifsc code: IOBA0001388)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 81 C By 1, Madurai Main Road, Sankarnagar, Tirunelveli627357
  32. Palavoor Avaraikula (Ifsc code: IOBA0002763)
    Indian Overseas Bank, Nps Kalyana Mandapam, 3by6e Madhaganeri Main Road, Radhapuram Taluk, Tirunelveli 627133
  33. Palayamkottai (Ifsc code: IOBA0000067)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 124 B, Thiruvananthapuram Rd, Palayamkottai, Tirunelveli
  34. Pambukoilshandy (Ifsc code: IOBA0000962)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 111 A, Post Office Street Pambukoilshandy Pin 627862
  35. Panagudi (Ifsc code: IOBA0000180)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 23 Police Line Street Panagudi Pin 627109
  36. Panpoli (Ifsc code: IOBA0001390)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 18 E Shanthi Mahal Perumal Kovil Street Panpoli Pin 627807
  37. Pavoorchatram (Ifsc code: IOBA0002345)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 10 By 508, Tenkasi Tirunelveli Main Road, Kamaraj Nagar, Pavoorchatram 627808
  38. Perumalpuram (Ifsc code: IOBA0001507)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 10 Main Rd, Perumalpuram, Tirunelveli
  39. Ponnakkudi (Ifsc code: IOBA0003538)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 3/646, Scad Trust, Scad Medical & Disability Rehabilitation Centre, Ponnakkudi, Tirunelveli Dist - 627151
  40. Pottalpudur (Ifsc code: IOBA0001391)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 8 By 124 Main Road Pottalpudur Pin 627423
  41. Puliyangudi (Ifsc code: IOBA0000074)
    Indian Overseas Bank, J59 D Vijaya Paulvannan Arangam, Gandhi Bazaar Street, Puliyangudi Pin 627855
  42. R O Tirunelveli (Ifsc code: IOBA0000817)
    Indian Overseas Bank, Post Box No 14 Door No 131, East Car Street Tirunelveli Town Tirunelveli Pin Code 627006
  43. Ramayanpatti (Ifsc code: IOBA0002888)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 5by58f, Sankarankoil Road, Sriram Nagar, Ramayanpatti, Thatchanallur Post, 627358
  44. Rayagiri (Ifsc code: IOBA0003626)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 13 And 14, Gandhi Road, Rayagiri, Sivagiri Taluk, Tirunelveli Dist 627757
  45. Sankarankoil (Ifsc code: IOBA0000848)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 248, Pr Perumal Raja Building, Rajapalayam Main Road, Sankarankoil, Pin 627756
  46. Sendamaram (Ifsc code: IOBA0001393)
    Indian Overseas Bank, Good Shepherd Comml Complex, Main Road Sendamaram Pin 627857
  47. Sevalkulam (Ifsc code: IOBA0001222)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 1 By 198, 199 Yadavar Street Sevalkulam Pin 627754
  48. Shanthi Nagar (Ifsc code: IOBA0003540)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 2a, Sivalaperi Main Road, Palayamkottai, Tirunelveli-627002
  49. Shencottah (Ifsc code: IOBA0001394)
    Indian Overseas Bank, T S No, 123 127, Jawasharlal Main Road, Shencottah627809
  50. Sivalarkulam (Ifsc code: IOBA0000954)
    Indian Overseas Bank, Muppidathi Amman Koil Sivalarkulam Pin 627853
  51. South Vijayanarayanam (Ifsc code: IOBA0001186)
    Indian Overseas Bank, Main Road, South Vijayanarayanam, Pin 627118
  52. Surandai (Ifsc code: IOBA0001395)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 17 8, Ward 7, Mahalakshmi Co Water Tank Road, Surandai627859
  53. Tenkasi (Ifsc code: IOBA0001396)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 339 340, Swamy Sannathi Street, Tenkasi Pin 62781
  54. Thenmalai (Ifsc code: IOBA0000981)
    Indian Overseas Bank, Main Road Thenmalai Pin 627770
  55. Tirunelvel I Maharajnagar (Ifsc code: IOBA0000292)
    Indian Overseas Bank, A 63, 5th Cross Street, Maharajanagar Colony, Tirunelveli Pin 627011
  56. Tirunelveli District Court (Ifsc code: IOBA0001766)
    Indian Overseas Bank, Court Building Tiruchendur Road Palayamkottai Tirunelveli Pin 627002
  57. Tirunelveli Junction (Ifsc code: IOBA0000570)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 25 C 2, Madurai Rd, Tirunelveli Junction, Tirunelveli
  58. Tirunelveli Pettai Sipcot (Ifsc code: IOBA0002712)
    Indian Overseas Bank, A 4, Veerabahu Nagar, Cheranmahadevi Road, Pudupettai, Tirunelveli 627004
  59. Tirunelveli Town (Ifsc code: IOBA0000094)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 1 4, South Car Street, Tirunelveli
  60. Tirunelvelipettai (Ifsc code: IOBA0001686)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 426 By 427 Odaikara Street Cheranmahadevi Road Pettai Tirunelveli Pin 627004
  61. Tisayanvilai (Ifsc code: IOBA0001948)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 194 E, Main Road, Tisayanvilai, Tirunelveli Dist, Pin 627657
  62. Valliyoor (Ifsc code: IOBA0001881)
    Indian Overseas Bank, Old No 156 A B New No 904 By 156a, 905 By 156b, Main Road, Valliyoor 627117
  63. Veeranam (Ifsc code: IOBA0000987)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 4 By 1 C Main Road Veeranam Pin 627866
  64. Vickramasingapuram (Ifsc code: IOBA0001399)
    Indian Overseas Bank, 111144 Main Road Vickramasingapuram Pin 627425

Disclaimer: IFSC data on this site is taken from websites of RBI and participating banks, however, it could include technical or other mistakes, inaccuracies or typographical errors. Users are requested to confirm with the respective bank before using the information provided.