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Ifsc code of LVB Bank branches in Vellore district, Tamil Nadu

We found 4 LVB Bank bank branches in Vellore district of Tamil Nadu. Select a different district, if you can't find the ifsc code of your target branch from the following:-

  1. Ambur (Ifsc code: LAVB0000104)
    Lakhsmi Vilas Bank, No 87, Broad Bazaarp B No 35 Ambur635802 Vellore
  2. Kandili (Ifsc code: LAVB0000359)
    Lakhsmi Vilas Bank, 1 21, Chavadi Street Kandili 635 901 Vellore Dt Tamil Nadu
  3. Nedumpuli (Ifsc code: LAVB0000497)
    Lakhsmi Vilas Bank, No 221 107 E Road Street Pudupet Nedumpuli Village Panapakkam Post Arakonam Tamilnadu 631052
  4. Vellore (Ifsc code: LAVB0000792)
    Lakhsmi Vilas Bank, 34 C,1st Floor Katpadi Road, P B No417 Vellore 632 004 Vellore

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