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Ifsc code of HDFC Bank branches in East Godavari district, Andhra Pradesh

We found 19 HDFC Bank bank branches in East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh. Select a different district, if you can't find the ifsc code of your target branch from the following:-

  1. Amalapuram (Ifsc code: HDFC0002119)
    HDFC Bank, K. Agraharam Bank Street Amalapuram Andhra Pradesh 533201
  2. Ava Road Rajahmundry (Ifsc code: HDFC0004124)
    HDFC Bank, Hdfc Bank Ltd D No73 13 3 1 Plot No16 R S No 238 1 2 Srinivasa Nagar Extension Rajahmundry Andhra Pradesh 533101
  3. Kakinada (Ifsc code: HDFC0002388)
    HDFC Bank, 70-1d-1/2 Opp. Ashram Public School Kakinada Kakinada Andhra Pradesh 500003
  4. Kakinada (Ifsc code: HDFC0000426)
    HDFC Bank, 20-1-46, Main Road, Opp Srmt, Kakinadakakinadaandhra Pradesh533001
  5. Kakinada Iii (Ifsc code: HDFC0009169)
    HDFC Bank, Grd Flr D No 25 6 39 Ganjam Vari Street Temple Street Kakinada East Godavari Andhra Pradesh 533001
  6. Komaripalem (Ifsc code: HDFC0004890)
    HDFC Bank, Hdfc Bank Ltd Ground Floor 1 39 1 Bypass Road Komaripalem Biccavole Mandal East Godavari Andhra Pradesh 533346
  7. Kothapalle (Ifsc code: HDFC0003056)
    HDFC Bank, Hdfc Bank Ltd 3-50/6/1, Kothapalle Village, Thimmapur - Mandal, Kothapalle Andhra Pradesh 505481
  8. Malikipuram (Ifsc code: HDFC0009171)
    HDFC Bank, Grd Flr D No 6 319 3 And 6 319 4 Sai Pavan Enclave Malikipuram East Godavari Andhra Pradesh 533253
  9. Mandapeta (Ifsc code: HDFC0002320)
    HDFC Bank, Hdfc Bank Ltd 31-9-7, Yedhita Road Besides Kvb.
  10. Munpalle (Ifsc code: HDFC0003118)
    HDFC Bank, Hdfc Bank Ltd 2-11/1, Jakranpally, Munpalle Village, Munpalle Andhra Pradesh 503224
  11. Neelapalle (Ifsc code: HDFC0003572)
    HDFC Bank, D No.4 128, Dariyalatippa Road, Neelapalle Checkpost, Neelapalle Andhra Pradesh 533464
  12. Peddapuram (Ifsc code: HDFC0002197)
    HDFC Bank, Ground Floor, 6-1-19, Ward No-3, Verjhular Vari Street Municipal Village,
  13. Pithapuram (Ifsc code: HDFC0003326)
    HDFC Bank, Hdfc Bank Ltd 5-2-125, Near Fort Gate, E.g. District, Pithapuram Andhra Pradesh 533450
  14. Rajahmundry (Ifsc code: HDFC0002476)
    HDFC Bank, Hdfc Bak Ltd. 6-8-7, Ground Floor, T.nagar, Nidamarthy Street, Rajahmundry Andhra Pradesh 533101
  15. Rajahmundry - Andhra Pradesh (Ifsc code: HDFC0000215)
    HDFC Bank, 46-17-20 Main Roaddanavayapet, Rajahmundryandhra Pradesh533103
  16. Ramachandrapuram (Ifsc code: HDFC0002975)
    HDFC Bank, Hdfc Bank Ltd., 13-1-14, Gr. Floor Opp Ramachandrapuram Muncipal Offic Ramachandrapuram, East Godavari Andhra Pradesh 533255
  17. Ravulapalem (Ifsc code: HDFC0004010)
    HDFC Bank, Hdfc Bank Ltd Mb Complexnh 5 D No 8 1129 Beside Policestation Ravulapalem Post East Godavariandhra Pradesh 533238
  18. The Aryapuram Co-op Urban Bank Ltd (Ifsc code: HDFC0CACUB9)
    HDFC Bank, Near Gokavaram Bus Stand, Aryapuram, Rajahmundry 533103
  19. Tuni (Ifsc code: HDFC0002389)
    HDFC Bank, 8/11/7 Bellapu Street, Tuni Andhra Pradesh

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