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This is a district-wise listing of Urban co-operative Bank Perinthalmanna Ltd No:1758 branches in Kerala. Find IFSC code of all 25 UCB Perinthalmanna branches across the state.

IFSC codes of UCB Perinthalmanna branches in Kerala

Malappuram25 branches
Alathurpadi BranchURBN0000B23
Angadipuram BranchURBN0000B13
Chattiparamba BranchURBN00000B5
Edappata BranchURBN0000B22
Karinkallathani BranchURBN00000B2
Kolathur BranchURBN00000B9
Kootilangadi BranchURBN0000B17
Makkaraparamba BranchURBN00000B8
Malappuram BranchURBN00000B3
Malappuram Evening BranchURBN0000B15
Mankada BranchURBN0000B14
Melatur BranchURBN00000B6
Moorkanad BranchURBN0000B18
Muthukurussi BranchURBN0000B16
Panangangara BranchURBN00000B4
Pang Chendi BranchURBN0000B21
Pattikkad BranchURBN0000B11
Perinthalmanna Bye Pass BrachURBN0000B24
Perinthalmanna Evening BranchURBN0000B10
Perinthalmanna Main BranchURBN00000B1
Pulamanthole BranchURBN00000B7
Thachinganadam BranchURBN0000B19
Thootha BranchURBN0000B12
Vettathur BranchURBN0000B20

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